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SEAL Team: Was Rebecca the reason Sonny was benched?

Sonny has been benched after a fight at a bar in D.C. on SEAL Team. Clay wasn’t the one that said anything but did Rebecca?

SEAL Team Season 3, Episode 16 saw Bravo Team broken just before heading out to a three-month deployment. The biggest issue is Sonny not heading out with the team. While there was a mention of some guy at the bar making a call to get Sonny in trouble, what are the chances of Rebecca making that call?

I want to like her. Adelaide Kane is a great actress and I want to see her on our screens more, but there’s something about Rebecca that I don’t trust. She was far too calm in Clay heading off on his three-month deployment. Sure, she said that he knew what she’d signed up for, but this woman seems suspicious.

How did anyone know where Sonny worked?

Sure, Sonny made it clear that he was a SEAL through his fight at the bar. But it’s not like there’s only one set of SEALs in the world. How did anyone at the bar know who Sonny was and where he worked? That just seems crazy. It’s no wonder that Sonny believed Clay had been the one to shop him in.

There’s no way Clay would have told anyone about Sonny’s actions. Brock was there too, but he wouldn’t have said anything. In fact, Sonny hasn’t blamed him.

There’s one person who would have the information needed to get Sonny disciplined. It’s all about Rebecca.

Why would Rebecca want Sonny off deployment?

It would seem like an odd decision, right? What does she gain to get Sonny off Bravo Team for a few weeks? I think this is all about Clay.

Something tells me that Rebecca and Lindell are working together. After all, Lindell heard about Sonny’s fight at the bar before Jason. Nobody seemed to know Sonny was about to get a telling off, which suggests someone got in touch with Lindell in person.

And Lindell is the one pushing Clay on another route. Rebecca was quick to help. Is it possible that Rebecca and Lindell want to see change at Bravo Team and are working together to make sure that happens?

I do get the feeling that Clay is getting his heart broken before SEAL Team Season 3 is finished. Well, maybe not before it’s finished because the last few episodes couldn’t film, but I think that was the plan. And I think Rebecca is trying to pull Clay away from everyone for some personal gain and because she’s working with Lindell.

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