Will SEAL Team be renewed for Season 4 by CBS?

All eyes are on the renewal status of various TV shows. SEAL Team is one of those shows for us. Will CBS renew SEAL Team for Season 4?

While many shows have received early renewals, there are many still on the bubble. SEAL Team is one of those shows. It regularly sits on the bubble and we’ve been worried about it every season. This season is no different. Is there a chance CBS will renew SEAL Team for Season 4 or will the series be canceled?

One of the big issues for SEAL Team is that it initially came off as a procedural style series that focused on Bravo Team on missions. What some viewers didn’t stick around for after the first few episodes was the way the series would touch on some important topics. We watched Jason deal with the death of his wife, a former Marine suffer from a TBI and PTSD, and so much more. It’s a heartfelt series that remains true to the life of Marines, and it’s a shame that every season we have to worry about the fate.

UPDATE: May 6, 2020

SEAL Team has officially been renewed for Season 4!

Unlike Netflix, where we will immediately worry about any show after the second season regardless of how popular it is online, CBS will pay attention mostly to the live TV ratings. While the network has CBS All Access, it heavily relies on advertisers. That’s why it’s one of the only few networks not cutting back on ads during episodes—and that can be felt during every single episode of every single show! The good news is that as long as a series is doing well in its timeslot and overall with other CBS shows, there’s a strong chance of it being renewed. There are other factors that go into a decision to cancel or renew, but live ratings is the most common.

SEAL Team Season 3 live ratings

The ratings haven’t been all that strong for SEAL Team, sadly. The show is down 13% in the key demo (18-49). This is the main figure that CBS will look at because it’s the figure advertisers will consider. When it comes to the total audience, it hasn’t seen such a big drop. Right now, it’s around 4%.

The winter premiere is usually one of the strongest episodes for TV ratings. That wasn’t the case for Bravo Team. TV Series Finale shows that the show dropped 11% in the demo and 25% in the audience compared to the finale. The second episode of the night dropped even more, making it clear that fans may not have been too impressed with the way the storyline played out.


SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper

Something to consider is where the show fits with all other CBS shows. This is where we get a little good news. When it comes to the demo, the show sits in 14th out of 24 shows. It’s not too far behind the likes of NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans, and we can be pretty safe in the knowledge that those two shows will be renewed. So that’s a good sign for SEAL Team.

However, Bravo Team’s total audience is lower. It sits in 19th out of 24 shows in this figure. That’s lower than I’d like, but since the demo is more important, it may not be too concerning.

It’s hard to tell whether SEAL Team Season 4 will happen. Right now the series is on the bubble and this is the point that watching episodes live really matters. Help the show get renewed by watching every Wednesday night or catching up the following day on CBS All Access.

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SEAL Team airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.