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What will happen to Cerberus on SEAL Team?

There’s one SEAL Team character nobody wants to see leave, but things aren’t looking good. What will happen to Cerberus in the Season 3 finale?

If there’s one thing that every SEAL Team fan should be able to agree on, it’s that Cerberus is the most loyal member of Bravo Team. While others will argue or look to leave, Cerberus is always there, ready for action. He (while Dita the Hair Missile is female, the show has stated Cerberus is male) doesn’t disobey an order and will do everything he can to keep his team safe.

Sadly, things aren’t looking good for the loyal dog. During Episode 18, he missed a scent. This could have been brushed off as a mistake, but when Brock was training him, he knew something wasn’t right. He made a note to Jason that he’d been through three dogs and it was important to know the signs.

So, what’s going to happen to Cerberus in the SEAL Team Season 3 finale?

They better not kill Cerberus off!

My biggest fear is that Cerberus will make a mistake in the field that ends up with him killed off. This is something that I’ve been worried about in the past, and I said that I’d stop watching if this happened. Nothing can happen to the loyalist of all Bravo Team members.

However, I don’t think we’ll see Cerberus with the team after this deployment. Something tells me that he’ll be retired. And I’ll be okay with that. It’s a positive story, in a way; just a sign that Cerberus is getting old and it’s time for him to enjoy a life of luxury. And that’s what I want to believe happens. There are many military and police dogs that do go on to have sweet lives with new families, so I want to see that happen here.

I don’t think we’ll get answers in the SEAL Team Season 3 finale

Sadly, I doubt that the finale will give us answers. And that’s mostly because I don’t think we’ll see Bravo Team finish up deployment. We can’t forget that SEAL Team Season 3 was supposed to have two more episodes. There’s no way that we can wrap up the deployment in the last episode considering everything that is happening around them. There were clearly two more episodes to finish it up and see Bravo Team head home.

We might find at the start of Season 4 (and I’m sure there will be one) that Cerberus is going to be retired once they get home. This will give the team and us chance to say goodbye to him.

Does that mean the end of any dogs on the team? Most likely not. Remember Brock said that he’d had three dogs so far. There will possibly be a new member of Bravo Team. And what we might find is that Dita gets to play another character.

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Are you ready for Cerberus to possibly be retired? What do you think is going to happen during the SEAL Team Season 3 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SEAL Team Season 3’s finale airs on May 6 at the special time of 10/9c on CBS. Watch live and on-demand with CBS All Access with Amazon Channels.