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SEAL Team: Will this be Sonny’s last deployment?

The SEAL Team Season 3 finale airs on May 6. Sonny is back with the team, but we can’t help but ask if this will be his last deployment.

According to the promo and synopsis for the SEAL Team Season 3 finale, Sonny is back with Bravo Team. He’s done his stint in Texas and now it’s time to head to Afghanistan. With everything that’s happened back at home, it’s hard not to wonder if this will be Sonny’s last deployment with his brothers.

Throughout the last few episodes, Sonny has started to think about leaving. He’s been happy with Hannah, he’s felt a peace at home that he’s never felt, and he’s finally started to get on with his dad. Naturally, he’s feeling a pull to stay. So, will he make that decision?

His dad doesn’t want him to

During SEAL Team Season 3, Episode 19, Sonny’s dad made one thing clear: he doesn’t want Sonny to stay. It’s not that he doesn’t want his son to be around, but that he knows his son’s place is with the SEALs. It doesn’t matter if things could have been better in the past. It doesn’t matter if Sonny is starting to doubt if he would have left as a teen had things been happier. His dad knows that Sonny was always meant to be a SEAL and that’s his place in the world.

It was a beautiful heart-to-heart between father and son. They are finally getting along, and these could have been the words needed for Sonny to realize that there is still a place for him in Bravo Team.

The problem is Sonny has felt the fractures within the team. He’s struggled to move past those fractures and being apart from his brothers, he’s started to have doubt in his mind. I think as soon as he gets back to Bravo Team, he’ll remember why he’s part of the team.

There were supposed to be two more episodes

It’s worth remembering that SEAL Team Season 3, Episode 19 was never supposed to be the penultimate episode of the season. Episode 20 wasn’t filmed as the finale. There were two episodes scrapped because of the pandemic.

There’s a good chance that we’ll be left with a cliffhanger that was never supposed to be. After all, the season finales have usually wrapped the majority of storylines up. We’ve always seen an end to deployment. I have a feeling that won’t happen this season. And I get the sense that we’ll be left with questions that we weren’t supposed to be left with.

Part of me thinks that the plan was to wrap the Sonny storyline by the season finale. That something would remind him of why he was a SEAL. Yet, we’ll likely be left questioning whether Sonny will stay or leave, even though his dad doesn’t want him to return home; at least, not just yet!

There’s no sign of A.J. Buckley leaving SEAL Team. Of course, we’re still waiting for the show to be renewed for a fourth season. We’re on the side that it will be renewed. We just need CBS to hurry up and confirm that.

What do you think Sonny will do? What do you hope to see during the SEAL Team Season 3 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SEAL Team Season 3’s finale airs on May 6 at the special time of 10/9c on CBS. You can watch the entire season on CBS All Access, which is available with Amazon Channels.