SEAL Team Season 4: Here is why we don’t think Clay is leaving Bravo

One of the biggest questions needing answered in SEAL Team Season 4 is about Clay. Is he really going to leave Bravo? We do not think he will and not because he had a change of heart.

During SEAL Team Season 3, Clay caused tension within Bravo after deciding he was going to STA-21. The season ended with Clay still with Bravo, but on his final deployment. SEAL Team Season 4 will pick up this story and understandably fans want to know if Clay is really going to leave the team.

We personally don’t think this is going to happen. In the end, Clay will stay with Bravo Team, but not because he had a change of heart. Instead, something is going to come up involving Clay that will see the opportunity of STA-21 pulled from under his feet.

Remember a few episodes prior to the season finale. When it emerged someone from Bravo released classified information in order to make the public aware how much of a hero the senator, who was killed in an early episode, really was?

It was revealed to us when Blackburn told Jason about it and, for the moment, it is going to stay between them. At least until the end of deployment.


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Well, we think the member of Bravo who leaked the information was Clay. He took the death of the senator the hardest and he took it even more personal when her name was being dragged through the mud. His new girlfriend works within the government and she also had a connection with the senator. So not only is she easily poised to take such sensitive information and see it distributed correctly. She had a motive as well.

So, in saying all that. Our theory goes like this. Bravo returns from deployment. The investigation of who leaked the classified information begins. Clay is found to be the one. His overall character as a person is questioned and as part of his disciplinary he is no longer able to go to STA-21.

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If this does come to be. It sucks for Clay. The guy has worked hard and his intentions are ultimately good. So we would feel really bad for him. But it would mean he stays with Bravo Team. Making us really unsure how to feel about this theory.

What do you think? Will Clay leave Bravo Team for STA-21 in SEAL Team Season 4? Or do you think our crazy theory is correct? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.