SEAL Team Season 4: Prepare to say goodbye to Cerberus

It’s not what we wanted, but we really shouldn’t be surprised. Prepare to say goodbye to Cerberus the dog in SEAL Team Season 4.

It was supposed to happen in the final episodes of Season 3, but thanks to COVID-19 and production being shut down it will now happen at the beginning of SEAL Team Season 4.

A big story line focused on Cerberus is coming and we do not think it is a good thing. We’re 100% certain our favorite dog is about to exit from the show.

Update: We now know Cerberus’s fate (it’s positive) and the reason why Dita the Hair Missile was written out the way she was.

According to Cinema Blend, the opening episodes of the newest season will focus on Cerberus and David Boreanaz and fans should no be overly surprised as to the outcome of Bravo Teams specialist dog. As they have been laying the foundations of what is to come.


SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper

Which, if you cast your mind back, means one of two things. Cerberus is about to retire or worse, be killed off.

Cerberus had made a mistake while out on one of their missions and afterwards his handler, Brock, made comment that it was his job to know when it was time for their dog to retire.

So, don’t be surprised if in the opening episode of SEAL Team Season 4 Cerebus makes another mistake and is retired. Or worse, a mistake is made costing Cerberus his life.

Fingers crossed it’s the retirement route because while e can happily take any of the other cast members being killed off. Killing off Cerberus is something we cannot handle.

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What do you think about Cerberus potentially coming out of SEAL Team? Are you looking forward to the new season? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.