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SEAL Team Season 4 premiere reveals Cerberus’s fate

What happened to Cerberus during the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere? Did he die or has he gone into retirement?

Throughout the entire summer break, we’ve had one thing on our minds when it comes to SEAL Team. What would happen to Cerberus?

It was clear the show was getting ready to bring Cerberus out of Bravo Team. However, rather than retirement, we feared Cerberus would be killed in action.

And honestly, none of us were okay with that!

The SEAL Team Season 4 premiere answered the questions by the end.

Cerberus was injured, but he’s going to be okay!

There’s some great news. While Cerberus was injured in the line of duty, Jason carried him to safety and he fully recovered. In fact, by the end of the episode, Cerberus was cleared for duty.

Brock wanted to bring Cerberus back, but everyone on Bravo Team all said the same thing. Cerberus was skittish in the field and off his game. It was Cerberus running off that led to him and Jason being separated from everyone else.

So, it’s time for retirement. And as sad as that is, we at Channel Watchers can accept that. Based on things our readers have said, I think everyone else can accept it too.

There was a real reason for Cerberus’s retirement on SEAL Team

It turns out that Cerberus’s retirement wasn’t written in for the sake of it. Justin Melnick, who plays Brock and is Dita the Hair Missile’s (Cerberus) handler, wanted to bring Dita out of the show.

Dita isn’t coping with the show. According to Give Me My Remote, she’s suffering from combat stress because she doesn’t know all the guns going off are fake. She believes she’s in a real situation, and that’s having a knock-on effect on her mental health.

This is something real military dogs go through. Ray said in the episode that Cerberus had been there for three years, which is like 21 years to them. Everyone suffers from combat stress after a while, some just have a better way of dealing with it or will be able to call it a day when they feel the signs. A dog doesn’t get much of a choice.

I love that Melnick brought this up for Dita, putting her needs before the show. She’ll still be around on the show, but not in an operations standpoint. I guess we’ll get to see what happens when SEAL dogs retire.

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What did you think of Cerberus’s exit? Are you glad he’s off to retirement on SEAL Team Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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