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SEAL Team Season 4 premiere pushed back: Blessing in disguise?

The SEAL Team Season 4 premiere date has been pushed back. This could be a blessing in disguise for our stress levels!

We have some bad news that may actually be a blessing in disguise. The SEAL Team Season 4 premiere has been pushed back.

We’ve already waited two extra months (ish) for the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere. How could another delay possibly be a blessing in disguise? Well, while we’re not getting the premiere until an extra week later, it will be a two-hour premiere.

TVLine reports that the delay is due to the post-Election specials airing this week on CBS. It’s affected the schedule to warrant SEAL Team‘s premiere to be pushed back. Instead, a double episode of The Amazing Race will air on Nov. 25 and we’ll get a two-hour episode of SEAL Team on Dec. 2.

No cliffhanger to wait a week for!

Where’s the blessing in disguise? It all comes down to the two-hour premiere.

One thing that the show’s writers have warned us about is the cliffhanger at the end of the first episode. We’re all worried about the same thing, right? It’s all about Cerberus.

I don’t need to go into the fears about our faithful dog. We all have the same fear that something drastic is going to happen. Most of us are fine with him retiring and living a peaceful life, but we don’t want him to be killed off when it would serve so little to the overall story and only be for drama purposes.

The cliffhanger was surely going to involve Jason and Cerberus. We know in the premiere they will be split off from the rest of the team, and that always means danger. If the premiere date remained as Nov. 25, we’d have to wait a whole week to get answers.

My stress levels would be way too high!

Instead, we now get everything in one night. It’s a delayed start, but it means we’re not waiting for those all-important answers.

I think I can accept this delayed premiere. What about you?

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SEAL Team Season 4 premieres on Dec. 2 at 9/8c on CBS with a two-hour special.