5 major reveals from the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere

While there was one main worry on our minds, a lot happened on the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere. Here are the five big reveals.

A lot happened on the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere. Cerberus was certainly our main concern, but we ended up losing a few others. We were also shocked by events that happened at the end.

Let’s just start by saying Cerberus is alive and well. He gets to live a doggy life in retirement after the events of the premiere. We also got out find out why this storyline was introduced, and it’s a little heartbreaking for dog lovers out there.

But there was so much else happening throughout the episode. Here are the five big reveals from the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere.

Mandy is leaving the CIA

There were hints of this for a while. The demotion during the SEAL Team Season 2 finale led to Mandy’s role on the show being lesser than it has in the past. And throughout the third season, she was starting to suffer from all the losses.

Well, she’s done losing herself within everything that happens in war. Mandy has decided she’s leaving the CIA.

This won’t be the last we see of Jessica Paré, but she is no longer a series regular on SEAL Team, according to TVLine.

Ray is off to warrant officer training

After a successful mission, Ray learned the good news. He’s off to warrant officer training.

While there were some comments about his decision to do that, we know it’s a good thing for Ray and his family. Sure, it means a lot of changes, but this is life in the military. Not everyone makes the decisions someone else would like them to.

However, Ray’s career progression was already in jeopardy on the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere. NCIS wants to investigate the leak, and it turns out Ray was the one to send the letter.

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Clay took the fall for the letter

Clay knew what Ray had done, though. After finding out that NCIS would launch an investigation into the leak, Clay decided to take the fall. It means no STA-21 for him.

He doesn’t seem that bothered by it. Something to remember is Clay is young and doesn’t have a family. He can bounce back from this.

The most important thing to take from this is just how much Clay has grown since the first season. Remember when he was out for himself and wanted Jason’s position from the start? That Clay would have never taken the rap for something he didn’t do.

He has become a brother to the other members of the team.

Rebecca isn’t worth it for Clay

Rebecca wasn’t happy to hear that Clay had taken the blame for something he didn’t do. I do have a feeling that this will all come back to haunt them since Rebecca knows. What are the chances she’ll make sure some people know that Ray was the one who wrote the letter?

But there’s something else to take from the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere. Clay hesitated when Rebecca asked if she was worth it.

She’s not. As much as I love Adelaide Kane, I can’t stand Rebecca. I want to see Stella show back up in Clay’s life.

Jason is stepping back from command

Finally, it’s all about Jason’s big reveal at the end of the episode. He’s decided to step back from being an operator. He’s still going to be a SEAL, but he’s not Bravo 1.

This is huge! It was only during the SEAL Team Season 3 premiere that he chose to reenlist when his retirement came up. Now he’s ready to step back.

The next episode isn’t going to pick up straight off the back of the decision. It’s going to be a few months later, so we get to see how happy he is as Jason Hayes and not as Bravo 1. If only Alanna was here to see this.

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What did you think of the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere? Which was the biggest shock for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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