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SEAL Team Season 4 premiere synopsis makes us more worried about Cerberus

CBS has confirmed the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere date. That would be great, except the synopsis makes us more worried about Cerberus.

We want to be excited for SEAL Team Season 4, especially now that we have a premiere date. It’s a little hard to do that when the synopsis for the episode has us all the more worried about Cerberus.

It’s unlikely that Cerberus is going to remain with Bravo Team. During the last few episodes of Season 3, Brock made it clear that Cerberus is getting close to retirement. Cerberus made some mistakes, and that means it’s time to take him out of the field and get a new dog in.

As sad as retirement would be, it’s a good way to leave the team. We know that Cerberus has fulfilled his duties and gets to enjoy his old age. But we’re worried that’s not going to be the case on SEAL Team Season 4.

SEAL Team Season 4 premieres in November 2020

CBS announced that SEAL Team Season 4 will premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 9/8c. It’s going to be the first episode of a two-part premiere, with the second episode following a week later. And yes, there is going to be a cliffhanger to the episode directed by Bravo Team’s Bravo One, David Boreanaz

While releasing the premiere date, CBS also released the synopsis for the episode, titled “Gods of War.” This is where we’re worried that the writers are going to kill off Cerberus instead of giving him a happy ending.

And while we know that a lot of service animals don’t make it back, a lot of others do. We’d love for a happy ending. Never ever do an animal dirty!

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SEAL Team Season 4 premiere synopsis

Here’s the official synopsis for the premiere episode:

Bravo Team enters enemy territory in the snowy Spin Ghar Mountain Range to capture Al-Hazred, the leader of a terrorist group and son of the terrorist leader that Jason took down early in his career, and made him Bravo One. When they are attacked, Jason and Cerberus, Bravo’s canine member, are separated from the team.

It’s the bit that focuses on Jason and Cerberus being separated from the team. Are they both going to make it out alive? Considering Jason is played by David Boreanaz, there’s no way we’re saying goodbye to him, so it suggests that this is how Cerberus is going to come out of the show.

My hope is that Cerberus is only injured, if he really has to have something happen to him. That then just speeds up the retirement that was on the verge of happening anyway.

I get the feeling that something is going to happen at the very end of the episode. We’re not going to find out until the second episode whether Cerberus will survive or not.

Do not kill off Cerberus, SEAL Team writers!

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What do you think about the SEAL Team Season 4 premiere synopsis? Will you continue watching if something happens to Cerberus? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SEAL Team Season 4 premieres on Nov. 25 at 9/8c on CBS.