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SEAL Team Season 6 is not coming in July 2022

We would love to see Bravo Team get out of the trouble the team is in, but that’s not happening yet. SEAL Team Season 6 is not coming yet.

There was some bad news for Bravo Team at the end of SEAL Team Season 5. Just after getting back to safety, the team was ambushed. Now the entire team is at risk, and we’re worried about some of our favorite characters. Lives are in limbo right now until we get to see the SEAL Team Season 6 premiere.

That isn’t going to happen just yet. The series is not on the list of releases on Paramount+ in July 2022. That’s not too surprising, but we did hope for a little bit of a miracle.

When will SEAL Team Season 6 premiere on Paramount+?

It’s hard to say when a premiere date is going to happen. This is the first time the series has come to paramount+ exclusively. Last year, we got the first four episodes of the season on CBS, and it was clear CBS wanted to give it a great start by putting it on in the fall.

It is possible that Paramount+ will try to keep the series in the fall. Filming of the season has already started. With 10 episodes, there is a chance that we’ll see the episodes wrapped before the end of the summer and then post-production can start.

Since the series doesn’t drop at once on Paramount+, there would be the ability to edit episodes as new ones air each week. This would allow for a fall start.

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SEAL Team Season 6 will air on Paramount+*.