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SEAL Team Season 6 premiere date announced: When will Bravo Team be back?

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Bravo Team will be back in action before we know it. Paramount+ has confirmed the SEAL Team Season 6 premiere date.

If there is one show we’re excited to see more of, it’s SEAL Team*. There have been a lot of questions about Season 6. One of those is whether Max Thieriot will remain with the series. After all, he’s landed the lead in the new CBS series Fire Country.

Well, there is good news. Thieriot is definitely coming back. SEAL Team and Fire Country found a way to make the filming schedules work.

While we knew we were going to get Fire Country in October, we had no idea when SEAL Team Season 6 would premiere. Well, now we do.

SEAL Team Season 6 premiere date set for September

The series is keeping its fall slot. That’s not surprising considering its success so far, especially for Paramount+. We just had to hope that returning to filming in May meant that a September premiere date was possible.

AJ Buckley did at one point share that the series would return on Sept. 12. That announcement was quickly removed, and it turned out that it was slightly wrong. TVLine made it clear that a Sept. 12 date was unlikely but an announcement was coming.

That announcement is here.

SEAL Team Season 6 will premiere on Sunday, Sept. 18.

Episodes will air on Paramount+, dropping at 3 a.m. ET/midnight PT. Each episode will drop weekly, and there are 10 episodes in total.

Check out the key art for the season, which includes the four main members of Bravo Team and Lisa Davis.

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What do you hope to see in SEAL Team Season 6? Let us know in the comments.

SEAL Team Season 6 premiere* date is set for Sunday, Sept. 18 on Paramount+.