SEAL Team: Who on earth is being killed off?

Promotional images released by CBS for upcoming episodes of SEAL Team shows a member of the team has been lost, but who on earth is it?

Just a quick heads up before we get into things. If you would like to remain completely spoiler free, then you might want to consider hitting the back button. We are going to be talking about what lies ahead for us in the next couple of episodes of SEAL Team, including the official promotional images released by CBS.

Alright then, if you’re still here, I’m assuming you’re all good with moving forward with spoilers.

CBS recently released a bunch of new promo pictures for the next couple of episodes and they showed how a member of the team has been lost.

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So, naturally, we’re all asking the same thing now. Who the hell is being killed off in SEAL Team?

Now, these images are all for next week’s episode, “Medicate and Isolate,” and not tonight’s episode, “Payback.” So I wouldn’t expect to find out tonight.

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Looking through all the official images released, which you can do so yourself here, it’s obvious who is missing from the group; Clay and Sonny.

Last week’s episode, “Paradise Lost,” ended with Clay being badly injured due to an IED; so all odds are on him.

Also, CBS has released promo pictures for the episode of SEAL Team after “Medicate and Isolate,” which clearly show Sonny. So it can’t be Sonny.

It’s really not looking good for Clay. I honestly can’t see him in any of the official promo photos and all the rest of Bravo Team are accounted for. I think we might need to prepare ourselves for the worst.

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Who do you think is being killed off in SEAL Team? Is it even one of Bravo Team? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.