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SEAL Team: Would Bravo Team save Ray on the winter finale?

Ray was abducted during the SEAL Team Season 4 winter finale. Would Bravo Team get back together to save him?

Caution: There are spoilers in this post from the SEAL Team Season 4 winter finale

At the end of SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 3, Ray’s life was left in the balance. He was in a café when an explosion hit, and at the start of the winter finale, we watched him get taken away.

Would Bravo Team get back together to save their guy? Let’s breakdown the events from the episode.

Jason and Clay get back with the team

Before we even look at Bravo Team saving their guy, the team needs to get back to being as solid as possible. Jason is the one that manages that.

After getting a video to prove Ray is still alive and now a potential hostage, he tells Lindell that he wants back in as an operative. And not just any operative. He needs to lead Bravo Team.

Of course, Bravo Team is benched right now, but Jason knows with him back in the lead, the team will get back on track. Oh, and he also wants Clay back on the team. Lindell has no choice but to agree, and so, Bravo Team is back together.

The only one missing (except Ray) is Cerberus. We’re okay with that. There was even a mention of how this is Pepper’s first missing. Don’t worry; training and missions for dogs are the same thing. Pepper is ready.

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Bravo Team head in to save Ray

Four SEAL teams are involved in the rescue mission. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta team are all involved. Remember, Echo Team is out on another mission that Jason was supposed to be dealing with. Looks like someone else is helping Echo Team.

Jason very quickly takes control of the mission. He doesn’t like the plan that could alert to anyone finding out the SEALs are there. At the moment, the Tunisian terrorists probably don’t even know they have a SEAL. They need to keep that a secret for as long as possible.

Jason and Clay are the ones who figure out how to get in without a noise. See, this is why the two are needed with the team.

There are risks with their plan, but Bravo Team is more than willing to take that risk.

Ray hears the gunshots when Bravo Team does get in, and he takes his own risk in fighting against his captors to get to his team.

It’s not enough. His captors capture him again and take him away. We end the episode with Bravo Team learning they were in the right place but too late to get their guy.

Ray will be left driving in the desert for at least the next month while we wait for the SEAL Team Season 4 winter premiere.

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What did you think of the SEAL Team Season 4 winter finale? What’s going to happen to Ray? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SEAL Team Season 4 will return sometime in 2021.