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Shadow and Bone trailer sets the tone for the series

Shadow and Bone is the big series heading to streaming services in April 2021. The trailer is out, setting the tone for the series.

Based on the Grishaverse novels by Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone is coming to Netflix next month. And we couldn’t be more excited. The book series is already outstanding, although admittedly, there are some flaws. One of the big problems is the lack of diversity in the first book, which is something Bardugo changed with subsequent books.

It’s something that’s being fixed in the series, and you can see that just from the casting alone even without the trailer. Bardugo is one of the EPs on the series and was more than happy to see that wrong corrected for the big screen.

And don’t worry about it if you’ve never read the books before. You don’t need to read them to understand and enjoy the series, but there will be Easter eggs in there for the book readers for sure. You’ve got time to at least get through Shadow and Bone ($).

While we got a small teaser, the Shadow and Bone trailer has given us a deeper look at the world we’ll delve into. We get to see the introduction into this world through the eyes of orphan Alina Starkov, who learns that she has a magnificent power. This power could be exactly what the world needs to be set free.

Of course, there are powerful enemies out there. They want her power or they want to stop her using that power. And all this time, Alina has to learn to control her new-found abilities.

Delving into the Six of Crows in Shadow and Bone

Something you’ll notice from the Shadow and Bone trailer is that we’re not just getting Alina’s story. The show will also take storylines from The Six of Crows, which focuses on some of the best characters in the whole Grishaverse.

The trailer gives us just a glimpse of them, and it’s Jesper who stands out the most. He’s the gunslinging member of the charismatic criminals who will stick together through thick and thin. Sometimes, it takes far more than magic to survive.

The graphics in the trailer are outstanding. If you worried about how the book series would be adapted for the TV, you can rest easy when it comes to making the magic come to life. This has a feel of Game of Thrones quality.

While it isn’t confirmed officially, there are reports that Shadow and Bone Season 2 is happening. Just based on the trailer alone, it better do. It’s going to require an early renewal to continue the quality without leading to too long of a break between seasons.

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What are you looking forward to seeing on Shadow and Bone? Share your thoughts now you’ve seen the trailer.

Shadow and Bone is coming to Netflix on April 23, 2021.