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Which shows are included in CultureFly’s The Nick Box spring 2022 mystery box?

We know the theme for The Nick Box spring 2022 mystery box is Spring Showers. Now we get to see the Nickelodeon shows featured in it.

When it comes to The Nick Box, there are so many different shows that can be featured. We’ve seen a great selection over the last few years of the boxes coming out, but there are certainly some firm favorites.

CultureFly has now announced the shows that it will feature in its spring 2022 box. Some of the shows were easy to guess, but there are some unusual inclusions.

Hey Arnold!, Rocket Power, and more in The Nick Box spring 2022 crate

There are a couple of usual additions. Hey Arnold! is one everyone should have expected. In the announcement of the theme, a couple of the characters were included in the graphic. Hey Arnold is starting to become somewhat overused, but not as common as Rugrats just yet.

We also expected Ahhh! Real Monsters due to the theme announcement. Then a later announcement included Rocket Power characters. These two shows aren’t overused. In fact, I think it was the Halloween box the last time I saw Real Monsters, and usually, that’s the only time I see the show represented. I’d love for more!

Ren and Stimpy is another show that will be featured. This one is getting to be a lot like Rugrats. I guess there needs to be a few shows that everyone is going to know—and who didn’t watch Ren and Stimpy?

The one that I don’t ever remember seeing in boxes before is Snick. This is the last show that will e featured in the spring box. Snick was a two-hour event at the end of the programming day focused on the old adults watching Nickelodeon. That means it could feature a few other shows mixed in with it.

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What do you think of the shows represented in The Nick Box? Which shows would you like to see included? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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