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Were Sierra McClain’s sisters in 911 Lone Star Season 4, Episode 13?

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We met Grace’s sisters in 911 Lone Star Season 4, Episode 13. It turns out that these were special cameo appearances.

If you follow Sierra McClain on social media, you know she is close to her sisters. Her sisters also happen to be singers and actresses, too. In fact, fans will know China Anne McClain from Black Lightning.

So, if you felt like you recognized the two women playing Grace’s sisters in the most recent episode, there is a reason for that.

Sierra McClain’s sisters cameoed as Grace’s sisters in 911 Lone Star

After Grace’s dad collapsed, all of Grace’s training as a dispatcher went out of the window. She was just so panicked, especially with her last words to her father. However, she wasn’t ready to forgive her father until she learned that her mom knew about his infidelity and had forgiven him.

Grace found a way to forgive him, too. She went into his hospital room and started singing, which is when Grace’s sisters come into the room too. Recognized them? Yes, Grace’s sisters were both played by Sierra’s real-life sisters.

Is there a chance we’ll get to see her sisters turn up again? Well, never say “never.” Now that the show has cast them, it’s going to be much harder to recast. After all, these cameos are very meaningful for the actresses and the fans.

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What did you think of Sierra’s sisters showing up? What would you like to see for Grace next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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