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Silo Season 1 ending explained: Why didn’t Juliette remove her helmet?

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Juliette was sent out to clean in the Silo Season 1 finale. What did she see, and why didn’t she remove her helmet?

From the start of the series, we’ve had one big question about the world. Is it really the barren landscape people see on the screens, or is there a lush green world out there? Allison went out and saw the green world, but she supposedly died when she got to the tree.

Sheriff Holston then went out and saw the world, too. As he struggled to breathe, he took his helmet off. He was the first one to do that, and we didn’t get to see what he saw once he removed the helmet.

As Juliette was sent outside to clean, we wondered if she would also remove her helmet. Would she choose to see the world outside? That was if she would survive anyway. Everyone who has gone out to clean has died.

Juliette realized the truth in the Silo Season 1 finale

When Juliette got outside, she saw the lush world that Allison and Holston had both seen. However, she didn’t remove her helmet. Instead, she paused as she watched the birds fly.

Remember that Juliette had managed to get into the hard drive that Allison and George had broken into. George had left a video message to tell Juliette to look up another file. This is of footage of the outside world. As Juliette sees the birds fly across, she realizes that it’s not the screens inside that have altered footage. It’s the screens on the inside to encourage people to clean the camera.

Juliette realizes that the world they’ve looked at from the screens is the real one. She’s not going to remove her helmet, but she does walk off ready to die.

Except, that doesn’t happen. Juliette stumbles where others have, but it’s not because she’s collapsing from the toxic air. Instead, it’s because she trips over Holston’s body. She looks down and reaches out to find out that rocks aren’t really there. She knows what she has tripped over and lays Holston’s badge on him.

Juliette is able to get to the tree, further than anyone else. How? Well, it’s in the tape. This wasn’t the heat tape that Supply has been giving everyone. This is Walker’s much better tape.

Juliette is now faced with the bleak world ahead of her. How much air does she have left? What is out there? It looks like multiple other silos, but will anyone welcome her in? We need Silo Season 2 to get the answers.

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