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Snowpiercer: Our Who, What, Where, When, and Why questions following the premiere

There are a lot of questions needing answers following the Snowpiercer premiere. Here is our top Who, What, Where, When, and Why questions.

The eternal engine has officially left the station. The entire world has frozen over and all that remains of humanity is aboard Snowpiercer. 1001 cars long.

Premiering on TNT last night, May 17, the series, which has been in the works for several years now, did not hesitate in grabbing our attention.

Taking us on a journey that begins just moments before Snowpiercer departs, we are transported seven years from the moment of departure where we learn of life as a Tailie, Thirdie, Second Class, the ever-infuriating First Class, and the most important and mysterious room of all, the engine.

We had a bunch of questions tumbling inside our head following the premiere. No doubt you had plenty yourself.

Because we were lucky enough to be given early access to the series, we have answers to some of the major questions already. We’re not going to give you the direct answer as that’s a spoiler. But we’ll give you a hint as we go through our top Who, What, Where, When, and Why questions from the episode.

Who is the murderer?

With all of humanity aboard a single train with no way off it, the last thing you want on board is a murderer. Alas this is exactly what Snowpiercer has got, which, if there is a silver lining in any situation, is a good thing for Layton as it means he gets out of the Tail, being the only train detective and all.

But who is the murderer aboard Snowpiecer? Will Layton find out who it is?

The simple answer is yes. Of course, we are going to find out who it is. Are we going to tell you right now? No! Sorry, but you will want to hold out and find out for yourself because it is a surprise.

What is with the drawers?

If you watched the 2003 movie then you already know what the drawers are for. They keep those who get out of line aboard the train out of the way. Effectively they act like a prison.

That is what the movie portrayed them as. The series however will delve into the drawers in a little bit more detail and you will soon come to find out they have another, much larger, purpose.

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Where is Mr. Wilford?

This was the biggest twist of the premiere. Mr. Wilford does not appear to be aboard the train. Melanie Cavill appears to be in charge and is impersonating Mr. Wilford to keep everyone aboard Snowpiercer in check.

So where is he then? Is he dead? Is he in a drawer? Did he ever actually exist? Rest assured, as the series progresses, we will learn more about where Mr. Wilford is.

When will the TV show and movie connect?

The series has a made a point of saying both the movie and TV show will not connect with one another. Following the premiere and the twist at the very end of no Mr. Wilford this looks like it really will be the case.

In saying that, there are plenty of hints of the two potentially connecting with one another in some way. Re-watching the premiere you can see the signs more clearly and with the series spanning out at least two seasons the two could potentially connect. However, unless we get the say so that it will from the series creators it is not a guarantee.

The connections could be nothing more than fan service rather than actual connections to the movie.


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Why is Melanie so desperate to solve the murder?

Melanie Cavill must be extremely desperate to bring Layton out of the Tail to solve this murder. She is clearly intelligent and effectively has an army at her disposal but felt the need to bring someone who is pretty much her mortal enemy to help her.

So why?

Well, it is because Snowpiercer is a delicate system requiring balance. You will see this as the series progresses. Everything is calculated, everything has its place. In order for the train to run everything needs to be balanced.

And this murder is upsetting that balance. The longer the balance is upset for the likely hood of everything blowing up increases. The stakes are the sole survivors of humanity so as high as they could effectively be. So, it makes complete sense why Melanie would be as desperate as she is.

So that is us. Our Who, What, Where, When, and Why questions following the Snowpiercer series premiere. We’ll be back with more as each episode drops with more answers for you, assuming we have any.

What did you think of the premiere? Will you be watching episode two next week? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.