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Snowpiercer Season 2, Episode 7 spoilers: Is Layton about to lose an arm?

Snowpiercer Season 2, Episode 7 could see a change of leadership on the train. Will it come by Layton losing an arm?

At the end of the last episode, it was clear that Layton is no longer the one in charge of the train. If he was, there’s no way he would have let the train speed past Melanie. If he is still in charge, then something has happened that’s made it impossible for him to stop.

By the looks at the promo for the next episode, Layton is about to face mutiny. There’s already a faction growing against him, and it won’t be too long before that faction grows in support. Many want Wilford back, either completely blind to the fact that he’s a narcissist who doesn’t care about their lives or ignorant of it because they want the class system back.

To get their way, Layton may end up losing an arm. There’s a bit at the end of the promo where you see Layton being restrained and the ring we saw used at the start of the series to take an arm being picked up.

Can anyone stop the mutiny on Snowpiercer Season 2, Episode 7?

Will someone come to Layton’s rescue? Is there anyone who will be able to calm the current situation?

The only person that comes to mind is Ruth. However, she’s not exactly innocent when it comes to taking arms. She was right there at the start of the series. She was the one to time how long the arm would need to be outside to completely freeze.

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However, that Ruth is not the Ruth now. That Ruth was wholly devoted to Wilford, but this Ruth has seen through what Wilford once was. At least, it looks like she has. She could be a very good actress, but she just wants what is best for the train, and that isn’t Wilford.

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What do you hope to see on Snowpiercer Season 2, Episode 7? Do you think Layton will lose an arm? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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