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Snowpiercer: Can the series catch up with the movie?

The Snowpiercer TV series isn’t supposed to connect to the movie. Is it possible for it to eventually catch up? Probably not!

Before Snowpiercer premiered on TNT, we were told that the show wouldn’t follow the movie. But now and then, there’s hope that the show will catch up with the movies. There are a few clues that suggest that isn’t going to happen.

Of course, we can’t know what is going to happen. However, there are many doubts already.

The train is far more advanced

Throughout the Snowpiercer movie, the group of Tailies walked from the back to the engine. They went through all the cars, with the drawers being close to the back. While this was possibly for the sake of the length of the movie, the TV show opted for a different mode of transportation.

Melanie and others have traveled through the bottom of the train. This certainly makes it much easier to go from front to back, which is something many of the staff has had to do.

Wouldn’t Mason have known about traveling along the bottom? Of course, we can assume she wanted to go through the carriages in the hope that someone would be able to help her. However, there’s something about the train that suggests the bottom travel section wasn’t there.

We’ve also seen the look of the Engine in the TV series vs. the movie. They look completely different, with the Engine in the TV show looking much more like a train’s front than in the movie.

There’s no Wilford on Snowpiercer

Let’s look at one of the glaring reasons the Snowpiercer TV series can’t catch up to the movie. There’s a serious lack of Wilford. Melanie and those in the Engine know that Wilford isn’t around.

Right now, we don’t know why he isn’t. It’s not yet clear whether there was never a real Wilford or whether he was killed or is somewhere in the drawer. There is a chance that he can show up at some point, bringing the show in line with the movie.

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The cannibal storylines are different

Both the movie and show had a cannibal storyline. Layton talks about how there was cannibalism at one point. A group of people would attack the weak and Layton and another group took out the kingpin, all of them eating a part of his heart so not one person was innocent.

This doesn’t quite match the cannibalism story that Chris Evans’s character, Edgar, shares in the movie. He says that Gilliam chopped off his arm to stop the cannibalism. Others then followed suit.

Edgar’s story took place a month after Snowpiercer took off. If the show was in the same timeline, that story would be something Layton knew. Sure, Layton may have been lying, but he didn’t seem like he was. It suggests that this isn’t the same universe.

If you were looking for something like the Snowpiercer movie in the TV show, you’re out of luck. The show has become a life of its own. Go in just looking forward to seeing what can be done with more time and keep an open mind and this is an enjoyable show.

Snowpiercer airs Sundays at 9/8c on TNT. It airs Mondays on Netflix internationally.