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Space Force Season 1 ending explained: What happened on the space mission?

Space Force Season 1 ended with the astronauts in space but also in trouble. Here’s a deeper look at the ending.

If you didn’t expect “boots on the moon” by the end of Space Force Season 1, then I’m sorry to have ruined that surprise for you. However, I don’t think this is a spoiler. After all, this was all about working on the space branch of the military. You’re also here for the ending, so I would assume you knew what had happened up to that point or you want spoilers.

Anyway, Space Force Season 1 ended with people on the run, a mission in trouble, and much more. Here’s a look at an explanation of the ending.

Defeating the Chinese

After finding out that the Chinese had a base on the moon already, General Mark Naird knew that he had to get astronauts up on the moon immediately. That meant speeding up a four-year plan. At first, that plan seemed to go well, but there was trouble with the Chinese. They claimed they needed the whole area Space Force was going to land for scientific research to avoid temperature changes to the water. It turned out they had a bigger mission planned that they naturally didn’t want the Americans to find out about.

With Naird unwilling to declare war on the Chinese in space, the Air Force general was brought in to lead the situation—command the astronauts into war. But they’d stripped the guns apart. They had to ruin the Chinese’s mission by destroying their habitat.

On the way to and from the Chinese habitat, they passed the Chinese. It turned out the Chinese had the same plan. And so, we were left with our Space Force astronauts without food, water, or air.


Naird wanted for treason

While this was going on, Erin Naird had found herself in the desert with a bunch of sketchy dudes. She shouldn’t have jumped in the back of their truck, but at least she knew to call her dad. When Mark couldn’t help, she called Duncan. He’d happened to have been arrested with Mark when the Air Force general came in, so couldn’t help either. Erin turned to her mom, who couldn’t do anything being in a maximum-security prison for, well, we don’t know what.

Erin stole a bike and tried to cycle out of trouble. Just as it looked like she was going to be hurt by the sketchy dudes, a helicopter showed up. Mark had broken out of the handcuffs and stole a helicopter to save his daughter. At the same time, they saw Erin’s mom running across a field, along with her prison guard lover. The two climbed into the chopper.

Over the radio, Brad shared the news that the astronauts were in trouble. Mark was needed, but if he turned up, he’d likely be arrested for treason.

We were left with Mark in a lose-lose situation and the astronauts in serious trouble. Hopefully, there will be a second season of Space Force to get some answers.

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