What happens to Spears in Black Summer Season 2?

Black Summer Season 2 picked up months after the initial zombie outbreak, with Rose and Spears teaming up. What happened to Spears?

In the first season, we were introduced to a soldier named Spears. It turned out the soldier wasn’t a soldier at all. Instead, he was a prisoner who ended up stealing a solder’s uniform and identity. While many died during Black Summer Season 1, Spears didn’t.

He and Rose teamed up in the second season. Picking up months after the first season, we got a chance to see Rose with her daughter, Spears, and Sun. All of them initially worked together, but when Spears was shot, Rose chose to leave him behind. He would be too slow for them and would risk them all getting caught.

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Did Spears die in Black Summer Season 2?

Sun didn’t want to leave Spears behind, but she ended up pushing him down a hill to protect him. She was taken by a militia group, but Spears was left behind.

He went on his own journey, even running into someone from his past. We got just a small look at his life before the zombie apocalypse started, getting a sense of why he was on the run. However, we also learned that his wound was infected.

Deep down, we knew what that meant. When Spears got to the cabin that Rose and Anna were in, it was clear he wouldn’t survive for long. However, he didn’t want to become a zombie. He’d come to find friends so that they’d kill him outright, because he couldn’t do it himself.

In the end, Anna killed Spears with a gunshot to the head at his request.

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Black Summer is available to stream on Netflix.