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5 questions for Stargirl after the first two episodes

We’ve had two episodes of Stargirl to entertain us. Now it’s time to gather the questions for the rest of the season. Here are the five biggest.

Stargirl may be on the predictable side, but that’s not a bad thing. It gives us a chance to offer a few extra theories when it comes to the questions we have after the first couple of episodes.

In the last episode, Stargirl and Pat took on Brainwave. They succeeded…for now at least. The problem is Brainwave isn’t the only supervillain out there who has a vendetta.

There are far more stories to tell. Here are the big questions leading into the next episodes.

Is Icicle just the next villain or the leader?

Icicle is back in town. He’s certainly not happy that Brainwave has been taken out by Stargirl, so he’s going to want revenge. That’s standard for the supervillain storyline, but is Icicle just another villain?

Could he be the leader of the Injustice Society? This is going to depend on whether the show is opting for a “villain of the week” approach or if Icicle is the start of a longer, serialized format.

We could also see Icicle turn to Brainwave’s son to complete the Injustice Society. Could Henry Jr. end up being the leader?

Stargirl by Geoff Johns
When and why will Stargirl form a team?

We know from the initial trailer for the series that the full team will be formed. We’ll get the Justice Society of America back. The question is how and why?

Could it be that Courtney loses against Icicle? She knows there’s a bigger threat coming and she decides she needs backup? Pat probably wouldn’t be happy about it considering what happened to the last JSA but it’s better than Courtney dying alone.

Is Starman really Courtney’s father?

Courtney is convinced Starman is her dad. Pat seemed to accept that it’s a possibility. And sure, it is possible. But is the show going to be that predictable?

Could we find out that actually he’s not Courtney’s father? I doubt the show will go that way, which is probably why we’ve got a teen so certain who her father is.

How will Barbara react when she learns the truth?

Barbara is happy that Courtney is trying to get along with Pat. It is certainly a turnaround from the start of the pilot episode. However, there’s a flaw with all this.

They’re only close because of their need to protect the town. When (because you so know it’s a “when”) Barbara finds out, how is she going to react? Will she kick Pat out and forbid Courtney from spending time with him? That would be the logical option.

Will Brainwave wake up?

Brainwave has been put in a coma due to the staff. That’s great, but why do I get the sense that this is not over? The Injustice League is not just going to let one of their own waste away, right?

There’s a strong chance Brainwave will wake up. What that happens, we can expect plenty of trouble for Courtney and Pat.

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What questions do you have after the first two episodes of Stargirl? Share them in the comments below.

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