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What does Stargirl’s renewal on The CW mean for the Arrow spin-off?

Stargirl has been renewed by The CW for a second season. While that is certainly great news, it leaves us wondering what it means for the Arrow spin-off.

Let me start by saying that I love Stargirl was renewed for a second season. While it’s not going to be on DC Universe, The CW made a good choice to take the show on by itself. However, it does raise a question about the Arrow spin-off that is still in the pilot stage.

During Arrow‘s final season, we got a backdoor pilot for Green Arrow and the Canaries. The show is set in the future with Mia Queen as Green Arrow. She’s joined by the two Laurels, Black Siren and Black Canary. Together, they’ll make sure Star City remains a safe place.

When The CW picked up Walker and Superman & Lois to series, there were immediately questions about the Arrow spin-off. Did this mean the show wasn’t going ahead? The CW shared that the show was still in contention. Pilot season just isn’t the same right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, the Stargirl renewal suggests the spin-off may not happen.

Stargirl by Geoff Johns

The CW is saturated with DC properties

Every night, almost, there’s a DC series, especially during the fall. Even though this fall isn’t going to look the same, the main lineup is going to include The FlashBatwomanBlack Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, and Superman & Lois. Supergirl is being held for the “midseason,” but mostly due to Melissa Benoit’s pregnancy. We will likely see Stargirl Season 2 in the spring or summer of 2021.

There isn’t much room for another DC series. There are now just too many of them on The CW, making it almost impossible for other scripted shows to get a look in. After all, we’re still rooting for The 100 prequel spin-off. Supernatural is at an end, which leaves us with Riverdale, All American, Legacies, CharmedIn the Dark, and Dynasty, just off the top of my head.

Is there really going to be room for Green Arrow and the Canaries? Are we not at a point where there are enough DC shows for now. Granted, some of them may come to an end in the next season or so. Then it will be time to revisit more spin-offs. Right now with Stargirl‘s renewal, we may have enough.

It will be a shame. There was a lot of potential in Green Arrow and the Canaries. It marketed towards the audience that the network seems to want to focus on and offers us some excellent, strong women. It’s great for the new generation of superhero shows, but it may not be good enough.

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What do you think of the Arrow spin-off? Is there room for it with Stargirl‘s renewal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.