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Stargirl canceled or renewed for Season 2?

Stargirl has proven to be a success for The CW, but the network only licenses the show. Has DC Universe canceled or renewed Stargirl Season 2?

Our eyes have been on the future of DC’s Stargirl for some time. While it’s been a success for The CW, there have been questions about the success on DC Universe. Is Stargirl Season 2 happening?

It looks like the show hasn’t been a success for the streaming service. It sounds like DC Universe is dropping the show completely. But don’t panic! Stargirl Season 2 is happening.

According to TVLine, The CW has picked up the series exclusively. It will also air on The CW App the day after new episodes air. The renewal certainly makes sense, but it raises questions about a certain Arrow spin-off that is still in the pilot stages.

Excellent ratings on The CW

Stargirl has been an excellent addition to The CW’s lineup. It’s the highest-rated and highest-viewed spring/summer show on the network. When compared with the fall shows, it holds up against them. It’s one of just a few that pull in more than one million views right now. The demo sits at 0.23, but that’s not dangerously low for The CW. Only five shows pulled in a better demo average than that, according to TV Series Finale. Two of those shows have ended/coming to an end.

So, The CW renewing the series makes sense. It’s clear that younger viewers are interested. And quite honestly, The CW’s viewers are mostly young adults and younger teenagers, and this show is perfectly aged for them.

Could we see Stargirl look at moving to the fall schedule? Will it remain in the spring or summer to offer some great viewing when the kids aren’t in school? I hope it remains part of the summer lineup.

Stargirl by Geoff Johns

What does this mean about the Arrow spin-off?

Something we’re keeping an eye on is whether Green Arrow and the Canaries will be picked up to series. It’s the Arrow spin-off many have called for, focusing on Oliver Queen’s daughter Mia as she takes over the title Green Arrow. She has the two Laurels by her side, Black Siren and Black Canary.

It wasn’t among the pick-ups earlier this year. However, the Supergirl spin-off, Superman and Lois, was. There are many questioning whether it means the Arrow spin-off isn’t happening. Is The CW too saturated with superhero dramas now?

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Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.