Why Stateless Season 2 needs to happen on Netflix

Netflix’s Stateless was billed as a limited series. However, after watching the horrors of detention camps, more of these stories need to be told.

It’s easy to ignore some stories in the news. We turn it over or just refuse to read anything about it, focusing on topics in the news that “interest” us the most. However, detention camps and the horrors inside them are topics that need to be discussed. They’re topics that Stateless covered, and we need more of this.

Stateless, the Australian political drama, was promoted as a limited series. In other words, there are no plans to bring another season. However, we know that plans can change, and in this case, it’s a plan that needs to change.

When we read or watch the news, we see the stories from the outside. What a show like Stateless has offered is a view from the inside.

Connecting to the characters on the screen

It’s easy to create misconceptions about people inside the detention centers. People will claim that the treatment isn’t what we actually see and done for the shock value to make the left cry out in horror. Or people will say that those in the detention camps deserve it—that they shouldn’t have crossed borders illegally.

What Stateless offered was a set of stories that we could connect to. We saw people fleeing war and horror in their own countries, risking a dangerous journey for the hope of a safer life. (Note I said safer and not better!) Then there are those who just want a better life or there are those trying to escape something in their pasts, such as a cult. People can be mistakenly thrown into a detention camp and left there for years until the paperwork is pushed through the system.

It’s a terrifying ordeal for many, but it can be hard to empathize with those on the news. We see pictures, and it seems like the world has become immune to the photos. I remember when photos of the young girl in Vietnam were enough to shock the system and now people need to see dead children on beaches to have just a hint of sympathy, let alone finding the empathy! There are so many images through social media and on TV that we’ve become somewhat callous to what we see happening in the real world. It’s like people need the stories to be told.

That’s what Stateless offered. It was a chance to delve into four strangers and learn more about them. We saw their lives before, their lives during, and a hope for the future. We saw what they were running from and their dreams of new lives.

There are far more stories out there. Stateless isn’t the first to give us the real horrors of these detention camps and it can’t be the last. It’s why Stateless Season 2 really does need to happen.

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What did you think of Stateless? Would you like a second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Stateless is available to stream on Netflix.