Will Station 19 be renewed for a fourth season by ABC?

We’re getting to the point where networks will need to decide on the fate of their shows. Will Station 19 be canceled or renewed for Season 4?

Our eyes are currently on the decisions that various networks will make for their TV shows, especially when it comes to scripted shows. With linear ratings on the decline, there are many shows that we’re concerned about. The one we’re looking at today is Station 19. Will the series be canceled or renewed for Season 4?

There are a number of factors that ABC will use to determine the longevity hopes of a show. The live TV ratings is one of the considerations, but now that Disney owns Hulu (and owns ABC), it won’t be surprising if the delayed viewings through Hulu are heavily considered. We don’t get access to the Hulu ratings, so we can only consider the live TV ratings to see if there is a chance Station 19 Season 4 will happen or not.

Updated Mar. 11, 2020: ABC has confirmed Station 19 Season 4 is happening.

Strong live ratings for Season 3

There’s some excellent news when it comes to the series’s ratings. So far, the third season has been up from the second season in both the total audience and the demo. It’s not often that a show will tick up in the ratings, so this will be something that ABC considers in a great deal.

The question is why the show has ticked up. Part of it is due to the constant crossovers with Grey’s Anatomy, while another part is that the show is now finally on Hulu. It wasn’t easy for fans to catch up with the previous seasons (it’s still not) if they missed episodes, so the third season on Hulu means more people are going to watch. We already know Grey’s Anatomy has a 17th season in the bag, so that’s positive news for the spin-off.

Great performance across all ABC

Another consideration ABC will make is the performance among all shows. Where does the firefighter drama rank among other dramas and the comedies? This is where there’s more great news. Station 19 Season 3 is the third best show on ABC in terms of the demo. It’s the top performer when you consider the live audience. Yes, the show has surpassed Grey’s Anatomy. It would be crazy for ABC to even consider canceling the show.

While there are complaints about the two shows constantly crossing over, it’s clear the crossovers are working. If it wasn’t working, we’d constantly see a decline in the live ratings. Many fans are embracing the two hours of storytelling every Thursday night.

I have no doubt in my mind that Station 19 Season 4 is going to happen. Something crazy would have to happen for it to be canceled.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.