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Station 19 fans understandably angry at Maya’s storyline

Station 19 has done the one thing that everyone seems to do. We’ve had the bisexual character cheating on her girlfriend. Is it surprising fans are angry?

TV show writers don’t seem to learn, do they? While I appreciate storylines that involve complicated relationships and people, there are certain storylines that are overused for the sake of a plot device. Station 19 has joined the club yet again.

You know, Station 19 has never been perfect. There are a few times that it’s followed the same old tropes. But the one involving Maya and Carina is just downright insulting and annoying.

The cheating bisexual trope

Now I’ll admit that I’ve never really liked Maya Bishop. There’s always been something about the character that I don’t like and Season 3 has made it harder for me to even find something likable about her. There are some really abusive and bullying traits within her, which are starting to make more sense with the latest two episodes. However, that doesn’t excuse the recent storyline involving Carina and Jack.

Station 19 is following the bisexual cheating on her girlfriend trope. And to top it off, she cheated with her ex-boyfriend—if you can even call Maya and Jack exes. This is after we had the trope of Maya sleeping with her best friend’s ex.

Sure, bisexual people aren’t perfect. I never expect the characters to be on the screen. But there are times that cheating storylines work for the character development and times when they are a plot device. In the case of the Season 3 penultimate episode, it was just a plot device to make us dislike and even hate Maya even more. Or was it? Was it a plot device for us to see that she’s broken and needs help? I’m not interested in a redemption storyline for her, just as much as I wasn’t interested in a redemption storyline for Arizona after she cheated on Callie on Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t care what you’re going through, you don’t get to cheat and act like you should be forgiven.

Carina DeLuca deserves more

To be honest, I’m also angry at the way Carina has been used. We had this chance to have an excellent crossover relationship. There was the opportunity to bring a great couple that we haven’t seen since the pre-cheating storyline of Callie and Arizona. And yes, Carina has been one of the most underused and underappreciated characters on both Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19. She’s become a prop for other storylines on both shows, and she deserves so much more.

I don’t want to see Carina beg for Maya back. I don’t want to see her even consider accepting some sort of apology if Maya chooses to give one—and it’s not even in Maya’s personality to do that. I want to see Carina walk away with her head held high knowing that she gave everything and she wasn’t appreciated. Find someone who is right for her.

The Station 19 writers need to rethink things. Not everyone needs to cheat. We can have happy relationships. That doesn’t mean no arguments at all. Look at Ben and Bailey. They have plenty of arguments but they end up finding their way back to each other and are often stronger than ever. They are the ultimate power couple on both shows, offering a real look at how good relationships work. It’s time to do that with a few more relationships on both shows otherwise I’m done rooting for any of the couples out there.

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Station 19 Season 3 finale airs on May 14 at 9/8c on ABC.