When is Station 19 Season 4 back in 2021?

Station 19 Season 4 delivered a powerful and shocking winter finale. How long do we have to wait for new episodes to air?

Station 19 Season 4 delivered one hell of a winter finale. It offered a powerful look at race issues that we should all be getting angry about.

The episode ended with two of our firefighters getting arrested after a situation went from bad to worse all thanks to one racist cop fueling the situation.

We won’t let you know how it all ended in case you still need to catch up. However, it is all connected to a bigger storyline within Grey’s Anatomy. What we will look at is when we’re going to get a few answers to the burning questions we now have.

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When will the Station 19 Season 4 winter premiere air?

Usually, we only need to wait a few weeks for the shows to return from winter break. The shows take time off to ensure the cast get the holidays off, allowing them to spend time with family.

While that is partly the case this year, some shows need to take longer off. They need extra time to film episodes due to regulations while filming. Because of that, the shows aren’t returning in January.

Station 19, along with the rest of TGIT, isn’t going to be back until Thursday, Mar. 4, 2021. Yes, we have to wait that long for the series to return!

It’s not the first time we’ve had to wait for the firefighters to return. During Season 2, we had a similar break. And it was excruciting.

We’ll get through it though. Once the show does return, there shouldn’t need to be another break before the finale airs.

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What questions do you have after the Station 19 Season 4 winter finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Station 19 returns with all-new episodes on Thursday, Mar. 4 at 8/7c on ABC.