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Where was Stiorra in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die?

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We knew there wouldn’t be time to see everyone in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die. What happened to Stiorra, though?

The Last Kingdom doesn’t do great when it comes to remembering about all of Uhtred’s children. Throughout the fourth season we questioned where Uhtred’s youngest child was. He was brought back at the very end of The Last Kingdom* Season 5, and we found out that he must have been hidden and would be reunited with his father.

Well, that reunion certainly happened. In Seven Kings Must Die, he got a much bigger role. At one point, we feared that he would die, but he managed to help his father in battle.

What about Uhtred’s other two children? What happened to Young Uhtred and Stiorra?

Stiorra wasn’t mentioned in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die

Young Uhtred was mentioned in passing. It turns out that he is in Rome. There was a small mention of how proud Uhtred must be of his son.

However, Stiorra wasn’t mentioned at all. We saw her alive at the end of the fifth season, but that’s it. Uhtred didn’t once mention where she was or what she was doing.

Stiorra wasn’t the only character to get that treatment, either. There wasn’t a mention of Hild or Eadith throughout the movie. Some of the characters from the series could have died between the timelines, like Edward, but it would have been nice to have a mention of them. Sure, there wasn’t time to show everyone, but sometimes just a mention to know they haven’t been forgotten about is best.

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