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What happened to Stormfront in The Boys Season 3?

Stormfront was seriously injured at the end of The Boys Season 2. She has turned up in Season 3, though. What’s happened to her?

After the big fight, Stormfront was seriously injured. Homelander’s son couldn’t keep his powers under control and he ended up burning Stormfront considerably and removing most of her limbs. We were warned not to see her in the third season, and then we got to see Aya Cash return as the character.

Yes, Aya Cash. This isn’t about the Hollywood cameo for the fake movie in the universe.

Where is Stormfront in The Boys Season 3

Stormfront isn’t a threat right now. We pick up with her in a hospital bed, where she’s unable to do much. She does try to offer Homelander some comfort, though. It’s not easy when you’re dating a psychopath, though.

In the end, Stormfront can’t deal with what her life has become. We see on the news that she’s killed herself.

Has this really happened? We know the world of Vought International. The team there is always up to something to keep the Supes in the headlines. We also know that Stormfront wasn’t originally Stormfront. She has taken on other superhero aliases. It’s possible that Stormfront has been “written out” of Vought’s story with the intention of allowing the Supe to recover elsewhere and eventually come out as another Supe without the world realizing.

After all, it’s not like Vought can really say that Stormfront is coming back when the secret about her being a Nazi came out.

It does look like for The Boys Season 3, though, that Aya Cash’s character is done.

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What did you think of the show’s way of catching us up with Stormfront? What do you hope to see in the third season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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