Stowaway coming to Amazon Prime Video Canada this month

What would you do if you woke up on a spaceship heading to Mars? That’s what one man has to figure out in Stowaway.

The movie is heading to Netflix in the United States and Amazon Prime Video in Canada on Friday, April 22. It’s certainly got an interesting premise, focusing on a group of three astronauts heading to Mars on a cultivation mission. This mission is for the long-term, with each of them working together to prove that they can find a way to make Mars sustain life.

However, things get a bit out of hand when they end up with a fourth person on their ship. This fourth person was never supposed to be there, and he didn’t stowaway by choice.

You see, he’s found unconscious and bleeding. When he wakes up, all he wants is to get back home. That’s not going to be all that easy when there isn’t enough fuel to turn around and go home. What will the group do?

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Stowaway trailer gives us a look at the initial shock

Hopefully, this isn’t one of those trailers that gives it all away. It doesn’t seem like it does. Really, it just gives us the basis of the mission and the initial shock of this poor unintended stowaway.

He finds out where he is, but we have no idea how he even ended up there. Someone clearly put him on the ship.

Well, we’re led to believe that. Is it possible that he’s pretending to have been planted on the ship? Could he have his own orders to sabotage the mission? Maybe someone on Earth doesn’t want to prove that Mars could sustain life, but who would want to do that?

One thing we get to know from the synopsis of the movie is that the stowaway causes damage to the life support systems on the ship. This leaves the crew in a desperate position, making some of the most difficult decisions they’ll ever have to face.

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What do you think the stowaway is up to? What are you looking forward to watching on Amazon Prime Video Canada in April 2021? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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