How to stream Carnival Row Season 2 online: Netflix? Prime Video?

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The first two episodes of Carnival Row Season 2 are now available to stream. Which platform do you need to go to watch them?

Are you ready for another fantasy series? Of course you are, and Carnival Row is the one to turn to. This series has developed a lot more fantastical elements, but it still remains grounded in topics that are important for the social narrative of today.

We pick up after the events of the first season, which saw all fae living in The Burgue forced into The Row. Only Agreus escaped, as he jumped on a ship with Imogen shortly before the call came. Now it’s up to Philo and Vignette to save the people of The Row, while Imogen learns that there may be hope for her relationship with Agreus.

Streaming Carnival Row Season 2 online

This series is only available one place right now. You need to turn your attention to Prime Video*. There are no other streaming platforms for this as it is an Amazon Original series.

Will it come to another streaming platform in the future? Probably not. Why would Amazon want to give up its original content?

The episodes are coming out two at a time. Each Friday, two more episodes will drop with the finale airing on Friday, March 17.

Is Carnival Row on Digital?

Don’t expect to buy the episodes on Digital. It doesn’t make sense for streaming platforms to release content on Digital to buy. This takes people away from the streaming platforms. We will keep an eye on any change for this, though.

Is the series on DVD and Blu-ray?

How about a physical disc release? DVDs are bought by those who don’t necessarily always have access to the internet. Again, it’s unlikely. The first season didn’t get a DVD release, so we doubt the second season will.

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Carnival Row Season 2 is streaming on Prime Video*.