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Where to stream Magnum PI Seasons 1 to 4 online

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While Magnum PI Season 5 is available on Peacock, the other four seasons aren’t. You can now stream the seasons elsewhere, though.

The first four seasons of Magnum PI aired on CBS. The episodes then headed to Paramount+ to stream there. When the show was canceled, NBC stepped in to save the day—although it didn’t take long for the network to bring some disappointing news about the series.

The fifth season automatically went to Peacock to stream after episodes aired on the network. What about the first four seasons, though? They never joined the fifth season, and eventually, they were removed from Paramount+.

Well, it looks like those “lost” seasons now have a new home. Where can you stream the series online?

Stream Magnum PI Seasons 1 to 4 on an Amazon platform

You can head to one of the Amazon streamers to watch the first four seasons of the series. Not Prime Video. You want to get Freevee.

The good news is this streaming platform is free. It’s ad-supported, so you can watch without yet another subscription.

This is only in the United States. You’ll need to check your own streamers in other countries as there are different licensing rights, and Freevee is only a U.S. and UK streamer.

Get Magnum PI on Digital and DVD

I still believe that getting shows on Digital* and DVD is the best way to watch your favorites. Too many shows are just disappearing from streaming platforms, and the companies don’t always give us a lot of warning.

When we have the physical copies, we can watch as much as we want. There’s no need to worry about an internet connection or whether it’s still available. With the Digital copy, you can watch without a subscription. The problem is you need a stable internet connection.

At least with both, you don’t have to worry about where to watch shows when they leave a streamer.

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Magnum PI is available on Freevee in the U.S.