How to stream Manifest Season 4, Part 1 online

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The first 10 episodes of Manifest Season 4 are now streaming online. Where and how can you watch the episodes?

It’s finally time. The first part of Manifest Season 4 is now streaming online. After initially being cancelled, the series went through a period of uncertainty. Fans came together to save the show, and now we get a final season to see how the story would all end. What does the Death Date mean, and can the passengers survive it knowing everything they do now?

The season picks up shortly after the Season 3 finale. Ben Stone is grieving the loss of his wife. He is also struggling with his daughter, Eden, being kidnapped. On top of that, Cal initially disappeared and is now back five years older. There is so much that none of them understand, and they need to get to the bottom of it.

Where is Manifest Season 4, Part 1 streaming online?

There is only one place to watch the episodes. All 10 episodes of the first part are available to stream on Netflix right now. This is also the place to watch the first three seasons.

It’s only going to stream on Netflix. The show is now a Netflix Original, and that’s where we’ll see the second half of the season head sometime in 2023.

Is Manifest Season 4 coming to Digital?

The first three seasons* are available to buy on Digital. What about the fourth season? There is a chance that we’ll see this type of release, but not for some time.

We don’t usually get Netflix shows on Digital, but that differs for the shows saved by the streamer. We often do still see them released, but not until around a year after they head to Netflix. And we’ll need to wait for the second half of the series to drop before we can even consider a Digital release date.

Will Season 4, Part 1 come to DVD and Blu-ray?

Like with the Digital release, we are expecting this series to head to DVD and Blu-ray. This isn’t going to be until the full season comes to Netflix based on the way shows like Fuller House were released on DVD and Blu-ray. So, we’re looking at 2024 at the earliest, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye on this.

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Manifest Season 4, Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.