Where to stream Quantum Leap (2022) online

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The Quantum Leap reboot is here, although it’s more like a revival of sorts. Where can you stream the new series?

We are certainly here for the Quantum Leap reboot. It is a little more like a revival, being set in the same universe as the original series starring Scott Bakula. However, we won’t see Sam return—at least in the first season. That’s going to be disappointing for those who still want to know where Sam leaped to at the end of the series.

There may still be some answers, though. First, we need to meet Dr. Ben Seong and his team. Ben is leaping into individuals, and everyone may finally learn the truth about what happened to Sam all those years ago.

You just need to know where to stream the series. It airs on broadcast, but where does it stream afterward?

Where to stream Quantum Leap

The new series will air on NBC on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. This is a tricky timeslot, but we have some hope for this series. After all, there is a following from the original series still out there.

After episodes air on NBC, they will stream on Peacock. There’s no real need for it to leave Peacock in the future as this is an NBCUniversal streaming platform.

Buy the new series on Digital

Like all broadcast shows, the series will be available on Digital. You can get it on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and other places where you usually buy episodes.

It’s worth getting the full season. Episodes will drop into your library as soon as they are available regardless of the library you have. They’ll remain there for as long as you have an account on that platform.

Buy Quantum Leap on DVD and Blu-ray

As of right now, the new series isn’t available on DVD. That’s not surprising. The first episode only airs tonight! It will eventually get a DVD release date, though.

If you want the original series, you can buy that on DVD as the complete series*.

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Quantum Leap airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.