Where to stream Reacher online: Netflix? Prime Video? HBO?

Jack Reacher is back on our screens, and this time in TV series format. Where can you stream Reacher online?

If you’re a fan of the Lee Child novels, you will have been excited to hear that a Jack Reacher series was coming. The series debuted this weekend, and it’s time to binge-watch your way through it. There are eight episodes in total, and yes, all dropped at once.

The show is based on the first book in the series, Killing Floor. Jack is a military cop recently retired into civilian life. With no phone and only the basic of essentials, he heads out on a trip around the country he once served to protect.

Things go wrong in Margrave, Georgia. When the town faces its first homicide in 20 years and he is named as a suspect by witnesses, he has to prove his innocence and then find out the real murderer.

Where to stream Reacher online

Now you just need to know where to go to watch the series. There is only one place for Season 1. It’s all about Prime Video.

This isn’t a hybrid release like a lot of Prime Video releases have been recently. All eight episodes have dropped at once, so you can spend this whole weekend watching it.

Killing Floor: Jack Reacher, Book 1 ($)

Will the series come to Digital and DVD?

There is some bad news if you like to buy shows on Digital or DVD. It’s unlikely this one will come to either. As a Prime Video Original, it doesn’t make sense for it to head to other formats. Why would Amazon want you to pay just once to watch something as much as you want when it can encourage you to constantly have access to the streaming platform?

Sometimes Amazon Original Shows and Movies do head to DVD. This will depend on the contract. It’s very rare for them to get a Digital release.

You can buy the Lee Child books, though. Delve into the world of the fictional character.

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Reacher is available to stream on Prime Video. ($)