Where to stream Sitting in Bars with Cake online

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If you want a movie about positive female friendships, Sitting in Bars with Cake is the one to watch. Where can you stream it online?

There is a great new movie out right now. Sitting in Bars with Cake follows two best friends. Corinne wants to push Jane out of her comfort zone for Jane’s best interests. To do that, she gets Jane to spend a year baking cakes and taking them to bars. This will get her to open up and talk to strangers.

Things take a turn when Corinne is diagnosed with a life-altering illness. While she could return home, Jane makes it clear that she will be there for Corinne every step of the way.

Where to stream Sitting in Bars with Cake?

The movie isn’t heading to theaters. It has gone straight to a streaming platform, so which one do you need to get?

You’ll need Amazon’s Prime Video for this movie. That’s the only place to watch it.

Will Sitting in Bars with Cake come to Digital?

It’s highly unlikely that we’ll see the movie head to Digital. This would take too many people away from streaming, as it makes it possible to buy online and watch on the go. There are the odd movies that head to Digital after a streaming release, but very few. It all depends on the contract that is in place. We don’t see a lot of Amazon movies head to Digital.

Will the movie come to DVD and Blu-ray?

We could see Sitting in Bars with Cake head to DVD and Blu-ray in the future, but this isn’t guaranteed. The odd Amazon movie has been released in this way, but this is usually the movies that go to theaters first.

At least with DVD releases, not as many people avoid streaming it. After all, DVD releases require a DVD player, and not everyone has access to one when they’re on the go.

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Sitting in Bars with Cake* is only available to stream on Prime Video.