Where to stream The Boys Season 3 online

The first three episodes of The Boys Season 3 are now available to stream. where are you going for the episodes?

The Boys Season 3 is finally here. Well, the first three episodes of the season are here. Just like the second season, this series is getting a hybrid release model. After this, there will be one episode per week until the finale airs on Friday, July 8.

Picking up off the back of the second season, we find Homelander and Starlight having to work together as co-leaders of The Seven. This is not something Homelander wants, and he is starting to crack. If you thought he was a psycho in previous seasons, you’ll see a whole new level of it this season.

Meanwhile, Butcher has found a way to level the playing field with the Supes. Will the power end up going to his head? Will The Boys need to find a way to take Butcher out, too?

Where to stream The Boys Season 3 online

There is only one place to go for this season. You’ll need to tune in via Prime Video ($).

You can watch all episodes as they drop for free with your Prime membership. As the series is a Prime Original, the show is going to remain here for as long as Prime Video lasts. We can’t see it going anywhere with the popularity of Amazon overall.

Get The Boys on Digital

Is it possible to buy the episodes on Digital? That has not been the case with previous seasons, and there’s no reason to think it will happen this time.

It doesn’t make sense for Amazon to release content for purchase on Digital. This means people just pay once and watch whenever they want. That takes people away from the subscription service, and why would Amazon want to do something like that?

The Boys Season 3 on DVD and Blu-ray

There is a good chance the season will come to DVD and Blu-ray. It’s just not clear when that could be.

The first two seasons have just been released ($) together. It is possible that the series will wait for a fourth season to bring the next two seasons as one boxset.

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The Boys Season 3 is available to stream on Prime Video ($).