Where to stream The Expanse Season 6 online: Netflix? Hulu? Amazon?

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The final season of The Expanse begins today. Where can you stream The Expanse Season 6 online? Here are all the details you need.

The bad news is that this is the final season of The Expanse. We’re going to say goodbye to all the characters we’ve come to know and love. This wasn’t Amazon’s decision but a creative one. Yes, there are more books to the story and this season is going to cover the sixth book, but there are various factors in the decision to bring the sci-fi series to an end after this season.

We don’t get a binge-watch with this release. Like the fifth season and many other shows, Amazon is opting for its new method of releases. The Expanse Season 6 is being released weekly, and we’re only getting the first episode today, Friday, Dec. 10.

Now you’re just left wondering where you can watch the show. And will it be on DVD in the future? Here’s everything you need to know.

Where to stream The Expanse Season 6 online

There is only one place to watch the season. Each episode is going to be released on Amazon Prime Video.

The show is an Amazon Original now. This happened after the fourth season when it was saved by Amazon following Syfy canceling it.

You’ll need to get your Amazon Prime subscription in order to make sure you can watch all the episodes.

Buy The Expanse online

Some TV shows are made available to buy online. You’ll buy via Amazon Video and everything is added to your Amazon Library. You only pay once for the seasons and can watch them as much as you want.

That isn’t going to be the case for this series. In fact, previous seasons of The Expanse are no longer available to purchase on Digital. It doesn’t make sense for Amazon to release the shows on Digital for a one-time purchase. That would mean people won’t keep their Amazon subscription to watch the show.

The Expanse: Season 1 ($)

Will the season head to DVD and Blu-ray?

If the show isn’t heading to Digital, does that mean it won’t come to DVD and Blu-ray? We have some good news here. The final season is expected to head to DVD and Blu-ray.

While the show is an Amazon Original, it didn’t used to be. The first three seasons made it to DVD and Blu-ray. Amazon continued that with the fourth season, and we’re expecting it to happen with the fifth season sometime this month. We’re definitely expecting the sixth season to get the same treatment.

What we might not see is a full boxset for all six seasons together.

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The Expanse Season 6 will air Fridays on Amazon Prime Video ($).