How to watch The Magicians Season 5 online: Netflix? Hulu? Amazon Prime?

The Magicians Seasons 5 premieres tonight. You don’t want to miss a beat, as we all mourn the loss of Q. Here’s are all the streaming options you’ll have.

The loss of Q is going to be hard, and not just for us. Each of our favorite characters will mourn him in their own ways during The Magicians Season 5 premiere and beyond. However, there are other problems to experience, including time being out of whack in Fillory and magic not quite stabilizing on Earth.

This isn’t a show you want to miss out on. With it being a SYFY series, there are some limited ways of watching it, especially if you don’t have the cable channel. It is possible to watch through the SYFY App, which is a great way to watch live with everyone else. You’ll also be able to watch the following day through SYFY, where episodes are uploaded for free viewing.

But what about streaming through popular subscription sites? Can you watch with a subscription you have? Will The Magicians Season 5 be on Netflix? What about Amazon Prime or Hulu?

Eventually, you can watch on Netflix

The Magicians Season 5 will eventually head to Netflix. This usually happens a year after the release of the premiere, so we’re looking at January 2021 for the 13 episodes to head to the streaming site. Season 4 has recently been added, so if you haven’t caught up on that, now is the time to do so.

You won’t be able to watch each week through the streamer. What about other methods?

Purchase through Amazon Video, Vudu, and more

The only other way to watch The Magicians Season 5 online right now is through purchasing the episodes. You can do so through Amazon Video, Vudu, iTunes, and all the other ways you would usually buy digital copies. Most places will offer a Season Pass to keep the costs down, and you end up with the episodes in your library wherever you buy from.

One of the best things about buying online is that you keep those copies. Even if SYFY removes the content from various devices or streaming rights change, you never lose a copy of the shows and movies you’ve purchased. And should iTunes, Amazon, or somewhere else close down, there’s usually a way to transfer. For example, Flixster recently shut down but there was the option to migrate everything to Google Play.

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The Magicians Season 5, Episode 1 isn’t going to be an easy episode to watch for those mourning Q. For those excited about the other storylines, there’s a lot going on. Don’t miss out on the episode.