Where to stream The Terminal List Season 1 online

The Terminal List is now available to watch. The big question is where you’re going to stream the Chris Pratt series.

Chris Pratt is back on our TV screens. He’ll play James Reece in the series adaptation of the book of the same name by Jack Carr. The Terminal List brings us another story involving a military and government conspiracy.

Reece is the only surviving member of his platoon when they’re ambushed on a mission. He returns home with a lot of questions, especially as his memories don’t really add up to the things that he’s being told. As he starts to uncover the truth, he realizes that his family is now at risk. How can he keep his family and himself safe?

Stream The Terminal List online

You can stream all episodes of the series right now. They all dropped at once.

Where was that? You’ll need a Prime Video subscription for this series. This is the only place to stream the series.

Watch the TV series on Digital

Will The Terminal List be available to stream on Digital? That’s unlikely. Prime Video doesn’t tend to release its original series on Digital. It doesn’t make sense to do something like this. After all, if released on Digital, people pay once and get to stream the show as often as they want. It discourages people signing up to Prime Video.

Will the series come to DVD and Blu-ray?

It’s a little harder to say whether it will arrive on DVD or not. We have seen some Prime Video shows head to DVD eventually, including The Boys. Not everything has received the DVD treatment, though.

It’s not surprising most shows don’t get a DVD release. This, like the Digital release, encourages people to pay once for content and not keep their Prime Video subscription going.

You can buy the book, though. This is certainly worth reading whether it’s before or after you actually watch the episodes of the series.

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The Terminal List is now streaming on Prime Video.