Where to stream The Time Traveler’s Wife TV series

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The Time Traveler’s Wife has been turned into a TV series. Where can you go to watch it? Here’s all you need to know.

You know the book, and you know the movie. Now it’s time for the TV series. Theo James and Rose Leslie star in The Time Traveler’s Wife ($) series.

It follows basically the same story. A young girl meets her future husband, who gives her all the dates and information she needs to make sure she meets him in the future (or his past) and they do get married. We get the tale of how they met each other, but also what it means for Henry, who finds himself time traveling without warning.

There are a few changes here and there. Clare doesn’t seem to be alone as often as she was in the movie. Henry also usually returns back to the same place and time that he originally left instead of what seemed like him just jumping randomly through time. However, there’s still the problem of Henry not being in the same time period all the time.

We actually get more from Henry’s point of view in the series. This is a chance to delve deeper into the time traveler, but will we get answers about what it all means and why he can do it?

Stream The Time Traveler’s Wife online

There is only one place to go for the series right now. It’s a HBO Original Series, which means the episodes air on HBO. You can watch them on HBO Max, too. These two streaming platforms seem to be the same thing and I wouldn’t be surprised if HBO merged into HBO Max at some point.

In Canada, you can turn your attention to Crave. You’ll need the HBO + Movies add-on, but this is going to be worth getting for a lot of content, to be honest.

Buy The Time Traveler’s Wife series on Digital

Right now, the series is not available to buy on Digital. This doesn’t mean it never will be. HBO shows tend to head to Digital to buy after a while. We’ll be sure to let you know if there is a plan for this to happen.

Buy the series on DVD and Blu-ray

Likewise, at the moment, the series isn’t available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray. We see HBO shows head to DVD in the future, and we’re sure to see that happen this time. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the details.

You can get the movie on DVD and Blu-ray ($), though. This could be worth adding to your collection, especially if you’re a Rachel McAdams fan.


The Time Traveler’s Wife airs on Sundays on HBO.