Where to stream Undone Season 2 online: Netflix? Prime Video? Hulu?

It’s taken a couple of years, but we’re finally getting to see what’s next for Alma. Where is Undone Season 2 streaming online?

It’s hard to believe we’ve had to wait since September 2019 for Undone Season 2. Prime Video was very quiet on the progression of the series, but it’s finally here. We’ll get the answers to some of the burning questions we have.

Now fans just need to know where they’re turning for the second season. What are the options to be able to watch the episodes online?

Undone Season 2 is coming to Prime Video

There is only one place to stream the new series. All episodes have dropped in full on Prime Video ($). You will need a Prime membership to watch the episodes.

This is where the episodes will stay. The series is a Prime Original Series, and there’s no need for Amazon to share the show with any other company. While the streamer may not be the most popular, the company as a whole makes up for it.

Watch Undone on Digital

Will it be possible to watch the series on Digital? This is highly unlikely. The first season hasn’t been released in this format, and there’s no need for it to happen.

Right now, the series is exclusive to Prime Video. Making it available to buy on Digital would mean viewers don’t need to keep paying for the subscription service. How does that make financial sense for Amazon?

Get the series on DVD and Blu-ray

Will it be possible to get Undone Season 2 on DVD and Blu-ray? Like with the Digital release, this is highly unlikely. We haven’t seen it happen for the first season, so we probably won’t see it happen for the second season.

Again, it doesn’t make sense. This would take a series off Prime exclusively. Why would Amazon want to do that?

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What questions do you have for Undone Season 2? Share in the comments below.

Watch Undone and more on Prime Video. ($)