Where to stream Upload Season 2 online: Netflix? Prime Video? Hulu?

Upload Season 2 is finally available to stream online. Now you just need to know where you’re going to stream it.

We’ve waited almost two years for new episodes of Upload. There have been a lot of questions since the Season 1 finale, including who really wanted Nathan dead. The second season promises to give us some answers, but that doesn’t mean we’d get to see the risk to Nathan’s digital life come to an end.

What we would see is Ingrid and Nathan attempting to live their lives together. Ingrid chose to upload herself, although it turns out that there are a lot of twists and turns when it comes to that storyline.

Then there’s Nora, who had to escape for her life at the end of the first season. She’s been living off the grid for a while, working with a group of anti-tech people. What is she doing for them? Will she take down the digital worlds from the inside?

Where to stream Upload Season 2

So, where do you go to watch the second season? You’ll want to turn your attention to Prime Video ($). Upload is an Amazon Original Series, which means the only place to stream it is on Prime Video.

This is the only place it will be. There’s no need for another streaming platform to get its hands on it.

Will the second season be available on Digital?

Will it be possible to buy the series on Digital? Could it be on Amazon Video, iTunes, and other places? There’s no reason for this to happen. It didn’t happen with the first season, so we just can’t see it happening this time.

There’s no need for Prime Video to release content on Digital. This would encourage people to head to places to pay once for the series and not keep subscribing to watch the series.

Could Upload Season 2 come to DVD and Blu-ray?

We’re also not expecting to see the series head to DVD and Blu-ray. The first season didn’t get a DVD release, so why would the second season?

This isn’t too surprising. Like with the Digital release, it doesn’t make financial sense for Amazon to release the content on physical disc. That takes people away from subscribing to the streamer.

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Upload Season 2 is now available to stream on Prime Video ($).