How to stream Vikings: Valhalla online: Hulu? Netflix? History?

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Set 100 years after the original Vikings series, Vikings: Valhalla continues the story of the warriors. Where can you stream it online?

If you love period shows that involve a lot of war and drama, there are high chances that you enjoyed Vikings. Not only did it cover the Vikings raiding England, but it focused on shifting loyalties, in-family trouble, and a group of people looking for new land to farm on.

Vikings: Valhalla picks up 100 years after the events of the original series. It is set in the same world, so you’ll hear Ragnar, Lathaga, Ivar the Boneless, and many more familiar names. There is even a familiar face from the original series thanks to the continued use of visions.

This time the series focuses on the Vikings converting to Christianity. Some are looking to take out all those who believed in the old ways. Then there are others who want to take control of England, which brings another layer of trouble. Now you just need to know where to stream it.

Where to stream Vikings: Valhalla online?

There is only one place to watch the series. It’s not on History, sadly. It’s also not on Prime Video, which is where the final season of Vikings headed.

Instead, this is a Netflix Original. You can watch all eight episodes of the series on streamer.

This is a global release. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, or anywhere else. This is a show you can watch on Netflix and Netflix alone.

Is the series available on Digital?

Will you be able to watch the series on Digital? After all, Vikings did head to Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, and more. It was possible to buy the episodes and watch them as often as you want. If you bought them, you’ll still have them now without paying again.

This is unlikely to happen with the new series. After all, it is a Netflix Original.

It just doesn’t make sense for Netflix to release a series on Digital. This would encourage people to buy the episodes once instead of signing up to Netflix to watch the series.

That isn’t to say it won’t happen. It all depends on the contract for the series.

Will Vikings: Valhalla come to DVD and Blu-ray?

What about the ability to add it to your DVD collection? This one is debatable.

Not all Netflix Originals head to DVD, but some do. We just have to look at the likes of The Crown ($) and The Last Kingdom ($) to see how they can head to DVD. It will depend on the contract that is in place, so this is something we’ll keep an eye on.

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Vikings: Valhalla Season 1 is now available to stream on Netflix.