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Where can you stream Watchmen?

Watchmen is set to premiere tonight and no doubt you will want to stream it live, or later in the week. Here’s where you can do just that.

I have no doubt that some of you are asking the following questions. Will Watchmen be on Netflix? Is Watchmen on Amazon Prime Video? What about Hulu? With the premiere of the series set to begin, a lot of you want to know where can you stream Watchmen?

Well, don’t worry, answers to those questions can be found right here. I can’t guarantee that you will like the answers to the questions, but I can promise that the answers can be found right here.

Where to stream Watchmen

In answer to the big questions first. No. Watchmen will not be available to watch on Netflix. The streaming giants will not have access to the upcoming series.

Those of you with an Amazon Prime Video subscription and/or Hulu TV however are in luck. You can watch the premiere of Watchmen, but there is a catch.

The series, which has been inspired by the DC Comics of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, is an HBO original. Meaning, it is made exclusively for HBO and just like Game of Thrones, you can only watch it if you are signed up to the premium network.

Both Amazon Prime Video and Hulu offer an add on for those who are already subscribed to their network; giving them the ability to watch HBO shows. It does come at an extra cost on top of your current subscription, but it is one that you can cancel at anytime.

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So, what you can do, is just sign up for a brief period of time to see what Watchmen is like and then cancel the add on as soon as you are finished. Netflix does not offer such an add on.

Another network that offers the HBO add on is CraveTV. The Canadian streaming platform is very much like Amazon Prime Video, where it offers its regular streaming options along with add ons to other networks like HBO.

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And that is pretty much it. In summary. Those of you who already have HBO should just watch Watchmen through that as it is in an HBO Original. Amazon Prime Video and Hulu users will need to purchase the add on. As will those in Canada with CraveTV. Netflix users are, unfortunately, missing out completely.

Will you be watching Watchmen tonight? Have you read the original DC Comics? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts and if you know of another way to stream Watchmen, legally I might add, please, share that to.

Image Credit: Watchmen — Mark Hill/HBO — Acquired via HBO Media Relations