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Who is Sturmhond in the Shadow and Bone books?

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We knew Patrick Gibson would play Nikolai, and then he introduces himself as Sturmhond in Shadow and Bone Season 2. What’s going on? Who is this character in the books?

You’ll be forgiven if you were a little confused at first. When the casting news came out about Patrick Gibson’s character, we learned he’d play someone called Nikolai. Then in the Season 2 premiere, he is called Sturmhond.

That’s how the Crows know him. Then he tells Alina and Mal that his name is Sturmhond. It’s only until the third episode that he reveals he is Nikolai, the second son of the King of Ravka. What?

Who is Sturmhond in Shadow and Bone?

It turns out that Sturmhond is a name he goes by while traveling. He has gained a reputation under this name as a Privateer—not a pirate, as he keeps telling people. He is able to travel without assassination attempts under this name.

In the books*, he knows that Alina is important to taking down the Fold. He seeks her out and helps her on the journey to take down the Fold once and for all. In the series, it turns out that he has been involved behind the scenes for a while.

We learn early in Season 2 that he hired the Crows back in the first season. Kaz does figure that out in the Season 2 premiere, but Alina and Mal have no idea until Nikolai explains all.

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