Sullivan’s Crossing lands a U.S. network

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Canada’s series Sullivan’s Crossing is heading to the United States for the 2023-2024 season. Which network will it air on?

If you haven’t started watching Sullivan’s Crossing on CTV yet, you may want to start. A U.S. network has acquired it, which could help to see it land a second season. Of course, the U.S. viewership doesn’t affect Canadian renewals, but it could help draw more attention to it in its home country. Chances are the cast members already did that, though!

It is high time that Canadian dramas were viewed more in the U.S. We’ve had a lot of luck with Murdoch Mysteries and there have been some other great acquisitions in recent years including Coroner and Burden of Proof. Now it’s time for this CTV hit.

Sullivan’s Crossing follows a brilliant neurosurgeon who is forced back to her home town when she’s pretty much blacklisted due to her fiance’s illegal dealings. She decides to start afresh in her old town, where there’s a mysterious stranger now living and a lot of people who don’t remember her or respect the work she put in while away.

Sullivan’s Crossing heads to The CW in the U.S.

It’s The CW that will get the show, according to TVLine. That probably isn’t that surprising when you consider where most of the other acquisitions have gone. In recent years The CW has picked up Trickster, Coroner, Burden of Proof, and Family Law. This is a network that performs well with acquisitions, and acquiring content makes sense for a network that is trying hard to make money. It is much cheaper to acquire content.

When will Sullivan’s Crossing air? We’re not expecting it in the summer, which is when the network usually brings acquisitions. Instead, we’re looking at the 2023-2024 season.

In a way, this decision isn’t surprising. The network doesn’t have a lot of shows coming back. The Flash and Riverdale are among the shows ending this year and only All American has been renewed so far. With the threat of the writer’s strike, there is a risk that any late renewals won’t be ready in time for a fall release. So, acquisitions it is.


Sullivan’s Crossing is available to stream on the CTV App.